Nail Art: Harry Potter Inspired Nails

For my first post I thought it would be fitting to do some Harry Potter inspired nail art because that's where 'Swish & Flick' comes from! I chose to call this blog 'Swish & Flick' because I feel like nail polish brushes can be like magic wands that you can make magic with (i.e. beautiful colours and designs). I guess I also just wanted the name to be HP related because I love HP and nail polish :)

and now for my Harry Potter inspired nails!

Sunlight shot with Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Sunlight shot

The symbols I used to represent HP were (L-R): Harry's Hogwarts letter, Hedwig's feather, the Golden Snitch, and the Deathly Hallows.

This is only the second time that I've attempted nail art using acrylic paints so there's a lot of room for improvement! I screwed up the Hogwarts emblem on the envelope but apart from that I'm really happy with how they turned out :) Hedwig's feather on my middle finger was the first feather I've painted and I'm really proud of it. Feathers are really easy to paint but they look so effective!

At first I was having a little trouble working with the acrylic paint because I found it to be a little thick (it was very cheap paint!) but after adding a tiny bit of acrylic glaze medium it became much more workable!

I used Essence Color & Go Blue Addicted as the base and added some lose gold hex glitters after I'd finished with painting and sealed them with a top coat.

Indoor shot w/ artificial light

Indoor shot w/ artificial light

I finished them off with Seche Ultra V topcoat (which is amazing) and three days later they are still perfect with no chips at all :)

Indoor shot w/ artificial light and a Golden Snitch!

Let me know what you think! Feedback is much appreciated :)
Caitlin, xo


Jade Carver said...

WOW! Seriously stunning!

Caitlin (Swish & Flick Nails) said...

Thank you! xx

Nailedbyjasmine said...

Cait, glad to see that you've made a blog! Lovely nail art :)

Caitlin (Swish & Flick Nails) said...

Thanks Jasmine! I'll be making more posts once I'm finished with uni on the 21st :D

Elissa said...

These are so awesome! :D ♥

Caitlin (Swish & Flick Nails) said...

Thanks Elissa! xo

Becca at Horcrux Nails said...

These are SO amazing! Also love that there's another blog with a Potter themed name! :D xx

Caitlin (Swish & Flick Nails) said...

Thanks! I'm actually considering changing it haha (still hp related but). Check out my latest post and help me decide on a new name!

mem22 said...

These are some of the best Potter-themed nails I have seen yet!

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