Review: Bella's Touch Lacquer 'Emerald Sea' & 'Heartbreaker'

 Today I have some swatches of Bella’s Touch Lacquer – a new Aussie indie polish brand! Bella’s Touch is the creation of Ellie (@nailpolishaddicted1 on Instagram). What makes this brand special is that Ellie is only 14! She is extremely mature for her age, a pleasure to talk to and has made some amazing nail polish!

 I got two of the polishes from her launch collection; ‘Emerald Sea’ and ‘Heartbreaker’.

'Emerald Sea' (left) and 'Heartbreaker'

 First is Emerald Sea. This glitter topper is a mix of blue and green glitter in a clear base with small light blue squares, tiny light blue hexes, small teal hexes, and bigger pastel green hexes.
Application for this polish was easy. I and got an even mix of glitter on the brush and didn’t have to fish. Because it’s a glitter topper, it’s best applied using the dabbing method rather than just brushing it on the nail like you would with a crème. 

Bella's Touch 'Emerald Sea' over Australis 'Indie', sunlight

 For my swatches, I used two dabbed coats of ‘Emerald Sea’ over Australis ‘Indie’ and Sally Hansen ‘The Sky’s The Limit’.

Bella's Touch 'Emerald Sea' over Sally Hansen 'The Sky's the Limit', lightbox

Macro shot, lightbox

The second polish I got from Bella’s Touch is ‘Heartbreaker’. This polish is a sheer duochrome layering polish to be used over the top of a plain crème polish. I’m a sucker for colour-shifting polish and this one is a great addition to my collection!

Bella's Touch 'Heartbreaker' over Savvy 'Blue Lagoon'

‘Heartbreaker’ shifts from blue to purple, depending on the light and angle that you’re looking at it.
This polish features a great formula that makes for super easy application. I used two coats for my swatches. You could also add a third coat but I found that wasn’t necessary.

Bella's Touch 'Heartbreaker' over Savvy 'Blue Lagoon', lightbox
Bella's Touch 'Heartbreaker' over Savvy 'Blue Lagoon', lightbox
 It’s also really versatile! I find that some duochromes layering polishes only really shine over a black base but as you can see from the photo below, ‘Heartbreaker’ looks great of a great range of colours.

L-R Sinful Colours 'Black on Black', Ulta3 'Royal', Sinful Colours 'Endless Blue', Sally Hansen 'Cherry Cherry, Bang Bang!', Nutrimetics 'Cafe', and Sally Hansen 'White On'.

Which is your favourite? I like it best over Ulta3 'Royal' which is a dark purple.

 Bella's Touch Lacquer is Australian made, 3-free and available for purchase at Ellie's etsy store here, where she also sells nail polish jewelry! Bottles are $8.50 for 15ml with shipping only in Australia.

*purchased with a blogger discount*
Caitlin, xo


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