September 'What's In-die Box' Swatches pt 2: Lilypad Lacquer, Celestial Cosmetics & Glam Polish

Last week I posted part 1 of my swatches for September's 'Sex and the City' themed What's In-die box, featuring polishes from Peita's Polish and Emily de Molly (click here to see it). So here is part 2! Today I have polishes from Lilypad Lacquer, Glam Polish and Celestial Cosmetics. As I'm not a SATC fan, I can't speak for how well these polishes relate to the theme.

First up is Lilypad Lacquer, "City Lights'. This is such a unique polish! It kind of reminds me of a lizard. It's a scattered holo with greenish/yellowish micro flakes in a dark green/grey base. It also features a slight colour-shift from bluish green to yellowy green.

Lilypad Lacquer 'City Lights', direct sunlight

The formula for this was so nice and it only took 2 coats for full opacity! You could probably layer 1 coat of this over black for a stronger colour-shift.

Lilypad Lacquer 'City Lights', lightbox

 Next is Celestial Cosmetics 'I Miss New York'. This one is a silver foil with small and micro red hexes (some of them flash orange/pink!). I like the concept of this polish and it's something that I would maybe wear at Christmas time but the formula was a real let down.

It has quite a watery consistency and as a result, the larger hexes would constantly slip off the brush, making it really hard to get on the nail. As you can see from the bottle shot, there are plenty of larger hexes in the bottle but hardly any transfer to the nail.

Celestial Cosmetics 'I Miss New York', lightbox

 'I Miss New York' was also really sheer, which is not something I would expect from a foil polish. For my swatches, I used 2 coats over Borghese 'Chroma' on all nails except my ring finger which had 6 coats of 'I Miss New York' on it's own. Even with 6 coats, I still had some visible nail line on my ring finger (this doesn't really show up in the photos though)
Celestial Cosmetics 'I Miss New York', lightbox

 Finally, we have one of my favourites from this What's In-die Box, Glam Polish 'Carrie Me Away!'.

'Carrie Me Away!' is a bright blue/aqua crelly filled with micro silver holo glitter and blue shimmer. The formula was a good consistency but it's also a little sheer so I think that next time I wear it, I'll be layering it over a blue creme. This is 4 coats on it's own with topcoat. It looks absolutely amazing in the sun!

Glam Polish, 'Carrie Me Away!', lightbox
Glam Polish, 'Carrie Me Away!', direct sunlight
 What polish from this What's In-die Box was your favourite? For me, it was either Peita's Polish 'Labels or Love' or Glam Polish 'Carrie Me Away!'.

Caitlin, xo


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