Shades of Phoenix 'Bloggers Who Inspire' Collection: Swatch & Review

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Long time, no blog! Sorry I've been so slack with post over the last couple of...months (eek!). I've been so preoccupied with uni and Moonstone that I've only had time to make my nails barely presentable, let alone indulge in blogging and nail art.

But I'm back with swatches of an awesome new collection from Shades of Phoenix! The collection is titled 'Bloggers Who Inspire'. For the past few months, Teneil has been working with myself and 5 other Aussie polish bloggers to create a collaboration collection! The bloggers featured in this collection are amongst some of my personal favourites so I'm glad to be in such good company! :)

The featured bloggers include:
Kierra from Look What the Bats Dragged In
Relle from Lazy Lacquerista 
Kaz from Pretty Random / Pretty Serious Cosmetics
Cassandra from Reluctant Femme / Femmecraft 
Bettina from Bettina's Nails
andddd myself!

First up is 'Bat in a Blender' - made in collaboration with Look What the Bats Dragged In. A jelly glitter bomb with teal tinted base, it has turquoise, blue, black, in matte and holo hex and black holo dots. It has a ton of glitter so would recommend the 'dabbing' method (check out this tutorial from Reluctant Femme). I used 3 dabbed coats and then went back to fill in any patched I missed. Swatches show two coats of top coat.

Next is 'Medusa in the Morning' - made in collaboration with Lazy Lacquerista. This shade has a really unique base/glitter combination but it totally works! It's a slate blue crelly with caramel, brown, gold, and red hex and dots. It applied like a dream and was the perfect crelly formula - sheer enough to show the glitter between layers and opaque in three coats! Swatches show one coat of top coat.

'The Secret of the Ooze' - made in collaboration with Pretty Random. Although it may appear black in some light/photos, it is actually a really dark olive green jelly. This unusual combo has lots of tiny coloured flakies - I could pick out pink, blue, orange, green. I used 4 thin coats but you could get away with 3 on shorter nails. There's more than enough flakes in one coat to be used over a base colour and still get a similar look. 

One of my favourites from the collection, 'Paint It Blue' - made in collaboration with Reluctant Femme. This one is a lovely teal leaning blue crelly with silver, blue, green, and holo squares and hex. It has a ton of glitter, especially for a crelly. I used three coats and two coats of top coat.

'The Impossible Planet' - made in collaboration with Bettina's Nails. This one gets bonus points from me because the name is a Doctor Who reference! It's a squishy raspberry red jelly with silver and black tiny hex and small silver holo stars. The stars do take some coaxing to come out of the bottle even though theres so many in there so I would suggest inverting the bottle 15 mins prior to application. As with all of Shades of Phoenix's red jellies, it has a lot of depth and sparkle. I used three coats and one coat of top coat.

and lastly is my own glitter baby! This is 'Iridescent Adolescent'When discussing the creation of this polish with Teneil, I essentially gave her two requirements. 1. Purple. 2. ALL the iridescent glitter. And that is exactly what she's delivered! It's basically a representation of my two favourite polish elements. It's a purple crelly with lots of little blue/green iridescent hex, as well as some shards. The shards can be a little tricky to apply but I found that if you get any that won't lay flat, simply pat them down with your fingertip while the polish is still tacky. I used three super then coats because I wanted the glitters to show through but you could easily get opacity in two coats. Swatches show one coat of top coat.

This collection is available now from Shade of Phoenix. You can get the full set of mini bottles (9ml) for $42 or full size for $54. They are also available individually. Plus, Teneil has just added three new shades to the store tonight! They are blue, green, and orange versions of the gorgeous Wildfire. Check them all out here -> Shades of Phoenix store

Thanks for reading!
Caitlin, xo


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