Mckfresh Nail Attire 'So This is Christmas' Collection - Swatch & Review

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Hello again! Three posts in one week?? This is unheard of! ;) 

Today I have a third and final Australian Indie Christmas Collection to show you all! This one is from Mckfresh Nail Attire. These are the first Mckfresh polishes that I've tried and I'm really impressed with the quality of them.

I've been sent 3 polishes from the So This is Christmas Collection. There are 5 polishes in this collection and they are all glitter toppers with an effect shimmer, designed to be layered over a base colour.

These polishes all have a similar concept; they have a shimmer/glass fleck glitter throughout the base with some assorted smaller glitter and a few different large glitters. They all applied the same way so I'll talk about that first. Because of the glass fleck base, you need to start with one 'normally' painted layer to get an even coat of the shimmer. Then you can go back and dab on more of the larger glitters if you didn't get enough from the first layer.There are a lot of the large glitters in the bottle so it wasn't too difficult to get them out. I would recommend wearing them over a darker colour to let the glass fleck base really shine :)

So first is Naughty & Nice. It has a pink to gold glass fleck shimmer with a ton of different glitters - there is so much going on in this one! It has dots, squares, bars, shards, hex, diamonds, and stars. The colour scheme of this one is predominately pink with some gold and silver scattered throughout. My swatches show two coats (one regular & one dabbed) over Sally Hansen 'Cherry, Cherry, Bang, Bang!' with topcoat.

Next is Under the Christmas Tree and it is SO Christmas-sy! It has a green to red glass fleck shimmer with large circles, hex, squares, bars, and stars. The colour scheme for this one is mostly green with red, gold, and silver. I'll definitely be wearing this one at Christmas time. My swatches show two coats (one regular & one dabbed) over Australis 'Here Today, Gone Tomorrow' with topcoat.

and lastly we have Twinkle Twinkle a predominately gold glitter topper with a gold shimmer base with hex, squares, dots, stars. It also has some silver and iridescent glitter thrown in with the gold. This one reminds me of sparkly Christmas wrapping paper for some reason! My swatches show two coats (one regular & one dabbed) over Essence 'Hard to Resist' with topcoat.

This is probably the most versatile polish of the ones that I swatched because you could wear it almost any colour! Another awesome thing about it is that if you purposely leave out the large glitters, it makes a beautiful subtle gold glitter! I tried it over Essence 'Give Me Nude, Baby!'

There are two other polishes from this collection (a purple/silver and a blue/aqua), you can check those out at the Mckfresh Nail Attire Etsy store. This stunning collection is available now for $10.00ea for full size 12ml bottles. Stay tuned for tomorrow because I'll have three more Mckfresh polishes to show off! They will be from the Retrosweat Collection which was also released today.

Mckfresh Nail Attire Etsy store
Mckfresh Nail Attire Facebook Page

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