Nail Art: Pastel Gradient with Neon Tips (mini-tutorial)

Gradients are my favourite go-to nail art technique because they're so easy (besides the cleanup!) and look so effective. I recently picked up Sally Hansen's 'Mint Sorbet' and I had originally planned on doing a green/blue pastel mani but then I came across Sinful Colors 'Pink' and came up with this:

I'm so happy with how they turned out! I think this is my most successful gradient mani yet :) (and I seem to say that every time I do a new gradient so I guess practice is key!)

These are the polishes I used; Sally Hansen 'Mint Sorbet', Essie 'Bikini So Teeny', and Sinful Colors 'Pink'.

I'm planning on making a proper gradient tutorial sometime soon so until then, here's a mini-tutorial!
To help with the nightmare that is post-gradient cleanup, I applied a thick layer of Essence 'Peel Off Base Coat' onto the skin around my nails. You could use PVA glue and have the same effect but the peel off base coat does the same thing. 

To create the gradient, I painted my nails with one coat of 'Mint Sorbet' and let that dry. Next, I got a makeup sponge (dampened with water) and applied all three polishes to it so that the colours where overlapping slightly. Then I gently dabbed the sponge on the nails, reapplying polish to the sponge when needed.

Once I was happy with the gradient, I apply one coat of Northern Lights 'Holographic Topcoat'. Before adding a final topcoat, I cleaned the nail close to the cuticle with an angled brush and acetone. I then sealed it with Seche Vite 'Ultra V Top Coat'. Because I protected my skin from polish with the peel off base coat earlier, I was able to simply peel off the messy aftermath of sponging with very minimal cleanup required.

My nails under the light from my UV lamp! I love how the neon tips glow :)
Thanks for reading,
Caitlin, xo


Natalie said...

Beautiful gradient! Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations chicky! This was one of the winning FAN FAVORITE designs for my Whimsical Wednesday Contest on Facebook/SimpleNailArtTips! You've got to get a FB fan page going!... Yes, you're that good! ~Ana

Unknown said...

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